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Wheat flour is one of the most important raw materials in the preparation of all kinds of bakery and edible products and plays an essential role in human nutrition. It is obtained from wheat grain that turning into flour is a process that has long been recognized as an important industrial process worldwide.

Wheat flour has a significant impact on the diversity and richness of human food and is used as the main component in the preparation of bread, cakes, biscuits and other types of bakery products. The process of producing flour from wheat includes a complex scientific and technical process that requires a lot of precision and intelligence, from the selection of the type of wheat and its cultivation to the process of milling and producing flour. The vital role of wheat flour in providing energy and nutrients for humans and its economic importance are very important.

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Types of Bread Flour

The types of flours used to prepare bread are diverse, and the use of these types of flours affects the characteristics and final taste of bread in a special way. Below are some types of common flour for making bread:

White Flour

This type of flour is made from pure wheat without husk. The outer layers of the seed are removed to leave the white flour. White bread flour is produced in white color and soft texture. This type of flour is usually used for white bread, biscuits and some types of cakes.

Bakery Flour

This type of flour is specially designed for preparing special breads. It may contain additives such as soluble additives, sugar removers and vitamins. Bakery flour is used to produce special breads.

Each types of bread flour are prepared according to the characteristics of bread and bakery products. Choosing the type of flour is based on the desired type of bread, consumer taste and nutritional needs.

Components of Bread Flour

Bread flour is one of the main ingredients in the preparation of bread and other bakery products. These components are mainly produced from wheat grain and are converted into flour during the milling and processing process. The main components of bread flour are:


Carbohydrates are one of the most important food components in bread flour. They provide the necessary energy for daily activities.


Proteins in bread flour play an important role as components of bread texture and other bakery products. Proteins are very important in the structure and consistency of bread.


If the flour is made from whole wheat grains, it will contain a lot of fiber. Fiber is important as a main factor in the health of the digestive system and blood sugar control.

Vitamins and minerals

Bread flour contains important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, iron, and magnesium, which are essential for maintaining the health of the body.


Water is one of the main components of bread flour, which plays an essential role in the process of making bread and fermentation.


Variable amounts of fat can be present in bread flour. Fat is important as an energy source as well as flavor and pleasure in bread.

The exact amount of these components may depend on the type of flour and type of wheat grain used. For example, whole meal flour contains more bran and fiber, while white flour contains less fiber and minerals. Choosing the type of flour as a basic component in the preparation of bread and bakery products has a great impact on the nutritional properties and taste of the final bread.


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