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Project Title :

Interior decoration design

Administration Manager :

Mohammad Hosseinpour

Location Tabriz
Year of implementation 1399
Year of completion 1400
Number of Staff 10 People

Home interior design is the coordination of interior components of the house, which aims to be more beautiful and create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in the home. Especially in today’s small and mobile apartment houses, by using the correct design of the interior decoration of the house, this space can be optimized and their effect can be increased by creating harmony between the components, colors and fixtures.

Moving to a new home is always exciting for the people of a home, but sometimes how to arrange the décor of a home becomes a concern for the people of that home, especially the housewife, and you have to decide where to put your belongings in the environment. How to arrange the new and the space you see to provide a suitable space and design the home decoration in a way that reflects your personality, feelings and tastes.

In addition, feel happy and comfortable in this house. To do this, you need to know the important points related to the design of home interior decoration and choose different items such as furniture and wall colors and their texture well to be in harmony with each other and with a predetermined plan. Put the furniture in the right place and step by step, like a professional interior designer, do the design work of your home.